ATRESMEDIA is launching its new OTT (Over The Top) platform, accessible from anywhere in the world with no commercial breaks. Based on a subscription model with the first month free and no long-term commitment, ATRESPLAYER is also available outside Spain with a fresh design, the best digital experience possible and new features, like 4K video and Dolby Digital sound, live playback control, offline viewing, customization and recommendations.

The international version of the ATRESPLAYER offers access to live content from ATRESMEDIA’s online channels in Spain (Antena 3, laSexta…); to Flooxer, the most recent addition to the platform, featuring chic content; to the group’s internationally successful series, with extra content in catch-up mode; to news and current events -500 hours in prime time, 1,500 hours of news bulletins and 2,200 hours of daily magazines- and an extensive SVOD catalogue of series (7,500 hours) and programs from the Group.

ATRESPLAYER is also available on every screen to adapt to the user’s life style and their favorite device, so they can decide not only when to view the content, but how. In short, the best of ATRESMEDIA and the best of OTT is here in a single video platform.